Taxi tour to Meterora

Meteora in Greece means rocky material in the air, which is also the route of the English word meteorite. At this is actually what you come across when visiting Meteora area. Meteroa is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second only to Mount Athos. Six monasteries and many more churches are built on natural sandstone rock extending vertically to the sky in a height more than 300 m. 

Private tours to Meteora monasteriesJoin us for this trip to mainland Greece and enjoy the scenery get to visit some of the monasteries among:

  • Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron 
  • Holy Monastery of Varlaam
  • Holy Monastery of Rousanou
  • Holy Monastery of St. Stephen
  • Monastery of the Holy Trinity

Our tour to Meteora

Duration: Full day tour

Departure location: Any (your hotel, Piraeus Port etc.)

Price: 400 Euro per taxi. Up to 4 passengers per taxi. (Indicative all inclusive price. The exact price depends on the departure location. Please contact us for more information and exact price)